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activation threshold, but also enables the chan-nel to be dynamically modulated by inflamma-

Summary: activation threshold, but also enables the chan-
nel to be dynamically modulated by inflamma-
tory products that activate PLC. Finally, it is
interesting to note that the C-terminal domain
of TRPV3, a warm-sensitive channel with an
activation threshold of 35C (2123), con-
spicuously lacks a region corresponding to the
777792 domain of TRPV1, the minimal es-
sential core of the predicted PIP2 binding site.
Thus, modification of this PIP2 regulatory do-
main by genetic, biochemical, or pharmacolog-
ical mechanisms may have profound effects on
sensitivity of primary afferent nerve fibers to
chemical and thermal stimuli under normal or
pathological conditions.
References and Notes
1. D. W. Hilgemann, S. Feng, C. Nasuhoglu, Sci. STKE
2001, RE19 (2001).
2. R. C. Hardie, Annu. Rev. Physiol. 65, 735 (2003).
3. H. H. Chuang et al., Nature 411, 957 (2001).


Source: Ast, Gil - Department of Molecular Genetics and Biochemistry, Tel Aviv University


Collections: Biology and Medicine