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The XSB Programmer's Manual Version 1.4.0

Summary: The XSB Programmer's Manual
Version 1.4.0
Konstantinos F. Sagonas
Terrance Swift
David S. Warren
Department of Computer Science
SUNY @ Stony Brook
Stony Brook, NY 11794­4400, U.S.A.
with contributions from
Steve Dawson
Prasad Rao
May 1994

Credits and Acknowledgements
The primary designers and developers of XSB were David S. Warren, Terrance
Swift and Kostis Sagonas. 1 XSB has benefited greatly from the involvement of
Steve Dawson who implemented transformational indexing, and of Prasad Rao
who implemented trie­based tabling and the corresponding table access routines.
We would also like to thank Kate Dvortsova for her help in several features of
the system. Amanda Perez designed the logo.


Source: Anderson, Charles W. - Department of Computer Science, Colorado State University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences