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Presentation Hints (Copied from a variety of others and my own experience)

Summary: Presentation Hints
(Copied from a variety of others and my own experience)
1. The Golden Rule: Talk unto others as you would have them talk unto you.
2. PowerPoint's (or other slides) are used to convey information efficiently. Even those of us
who don't teach with them use PowerPoint for conference presentations.
3. Don't put too many words on a single slide. Give main points on the slide that you flesh out
with verbal narration
4. Don't read the slides to the audience. Don't turn your back to the audience to read your
5. Use multimedia effects sparingly, to accent the most important points and create a
memorable moment.
6. Manage your time for maximum effect. Make sure your research is highlighted, not the
work of others. Clearly state (and restate) what YOUR contribution is. You can't assume
that everyone understands the research so well that they know what is novel about your
presentation. You must continually say things like "The goal of this research is ...." and
"My contribution is ...". You must actively lobby for recognition.
7. Use the same colors and fonts throughout a presentation. PowerPoint is great for this.
8. Practice, practice, practice so that you know you will be within the time limit and you can
relax knowing how you will express your thoughts. Practicing with your slides helps you
know if you have enough information on the slides (so you don't forget something


Source: Allan, Vicki H. - Department of Computer Science, Utah State University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences