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Please do not disturb! Minimum Interference Coverage for Social Robots

Summary: Please do not disturb!
Minimum Interference Coverage for Social Robots
Gian Diego Tipaldi Kai O. Arras
Abstract-- In this paper we address the problem of
human-aware coverage planning. We first present an
approach to learn and model human activity events in a
probabilistic spatio-temporal map using spatial Poisson
processes. We then propose a coverage planner for
paths that minimize the interference probability with
people. To this end, we pose the coverage problem as
an asymmetric traveling salesman problem with time-
dependent costs (ATDTSP) derived from the informa-
tion in the map. The approach enables a noisy robotic
vacuum in a home scenario, for instance, to learn to
avoid busy places at certain times of the day such as the
kitchen at lunch time. We evaluate the planner using a
simulator of people in a home environment to generate
typical weekday activity patterns. In the experiments
with a regular TSP planner and two modified TSP
heuristics, the proposed coverage planner significantly


Source: Arras, Kai O. - Institut für Informatik, Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences