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Draft. Please no distribute. Application of ILP Techniques on Hungarian

Summary: Draft. Please no distribute.
Application of ILP Techniques on Hungarian
Part­of­speech Tagging
Zolt'an Alexin 1 , Tibor Gyim'othy 2
1 Department of Applied Informatics, J'ozsef Attila University
Arp'ad t'er 2, H­6720 Szeged, Hungary
Phone: (36) +(62) 454000/3411 ext., Fax: (36) +(62) 420292
e­mail: alexin@inf.u­szeged.hu
2 Research Group on Artificial Intelligence
Hungarian Academy of Sciences,
Aradi v'ertanuk tere 1, H­6720 Szeged, Hungary
Phone: (36) +(62) 454139, Fax: (36) +(62) 425508
e­mail: gyimi@inf.u­szeged.hu
Abstract. This paper collects the first results in the study of speech­
tagging problem on the Hungarian domain. Orwell's ,,1984'' translations
onto different European languages was processed, tagged and disam­
biguated during a COPERNICUS project. The TELRI corpus was served
as training and test data. The Hungarian corpus were cut into training
and test pieces and a lexicon of words have been established. The C 4.5


Source: Alexin, Zoltán - Institute of Informatics, University of Szeged


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences