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A Simplified Dual-Porosity Model for Two-Phase Flow1 Todd Arbogast

Summary: A Simplified Dual-Porosity Model for Two-Phase Flow1
Todd Arbogast
Department of Mathematical Sciences, Rice University, Houston, Texas
A model for two-phase, incompressible, immiscible fluid flow in a highly
fractured porous medium is derived as a simplification of a much more de-
tailed dual-porosity model. This simplified model has a nonlinear matrix-
fracture interaction, and it is more general than similar existing "transfer
function" models. It is computationally less complex than the detailed
model, and simulation results are presented which assess any loss in accu-
racy. It is shown that the new model approximates capillary effects quite
well, and better than similar existing models.
The flow of fluids through highly fractured porous media is often modeled
as a dual-porosity system in which the network of fractures and the matrix
rock are viewed as distinct, interacting porous structures. Several strate-
gies have been proposed to model the matrix-fracture interaction. Among
these are, one, to directly compute the internal flow within the matrix
blocks as it is affected at the blocks' surfaces by the external fracture flow


Source: Arbogast, Todd - Center for Subsurface Modeling & Department of Mathematics, University of Texas at Austin


Collections: Mathematics; Geosciences