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Reduced-order linear functional observer for linear M.Aldeen and H.Trinh

Summary: Reduced-order linear functional observer for linear
M.Aldeen and H.Trinh
Abstract: A new reduced-order linear functional observer is introduced in this paper. The order of
the observer is proportional to the ratio of the number of output measurements to the number of
inputs. It is shown that the observer asymptotically converges to any number of linear functionals
when some minor conditions are met. A simple observer constrnction procedure, which is easy to
implement on MATLAB, is provided. Numerical examples are considered to illustrate the
properties of the observer.
List of Symbols
n-dimensional state vector
m-dimensional control input vector
r-dimensional output vector
real vector space of dimension n
(nxn) real constant matrix
(nxm) real constant matrix
(rxn) real constant matrix
(mxn) state feedback real constant matrix
(pxp) stable real matrix
(pxr) real constant matrix


Source: Aldeen, Mohammad - Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, University of Melbourne


Collections: Engineering