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Student and Academic Administration Values and Behaviours

Summary: Student and Academic Administration
Values and Behaviours
1.1 What values do Student and Academic Administration want to focus on and commit
to for the long term as we move forward?
Personal Values Common Cultural Values
for Student and Academic
Organisations Values
Integrity Service Accountability
1.2 We define each of these as follows
Integrity is being principled, honest, scrupulous, faithful, open, consistent,
trustworthy and fair
Service is seeking to benefit others, identifying and striving to meet others' needs
and expectations, being outwardly-focussed and selfless.
Accountability is behaving in a way that is answerable to others, responsible,
amenable, liable for results of our actions, and communicating openly about our
1.3 What behaviours do we expect of every individual to support these values?
Trust, honesty, openness, consistency, respect, reflection, appreciation, objectivity,
listening, encouragement, involvement, flexibility.


Source: Anderson, Jim - School of Mathematics, University of Southampton


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