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Safe Java Native Interface Andrew W. Appel

Summary: Safe Java Native Interface
Gang Tan§
Andrew W. Appel
Srimat Chakradhar§
Anand Raghunathan§
Srivaths Ravi§
Daniel Wang

Department of Computer Science, Boston College

Department of Computer Science, Princeton University
NEC Laboratories America
Type safety is a promising approach to enhancing soft-
ware security. Programs written in type-safe programming
languages such as Java are type-safe by construction. How-
ever, in practice, many complex applications are heteroge-
neous, i.e., they contain components written in different lan-
guages. The Java Native Interface (JNI) allows type-safe


Source: Appel, Andrew W. - Department of Computer Science, Princeton University
Tan, Gang - Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Lehigh University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences