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Robust and Efficient Replication Using Group Communication \Lambda

Summary: Robust and Efficient Replication
Using Group Communication \Lambda
Y. Amir, D. Dolev, P. M. Melliar­Smith, L. E. Moser
Hebrew University of Jerusalem
University of California, Santa Barbara
We present a new architecture and algorithm for distributed replicated database
systems. The replication algorithm operates in the presence of message omis­
sion faults, processor crashes and recoveries, and network partitions and re­
merges. The architecture exploits a group communication service to minimize
communication costs and to eliminate forced disk writes in the critical path,
while preserving complete and consistent operation. End­to­end agreement is
required only after a change in the membership of the connected servers, rather
than on a per action basis.
The updates are globally ordered and, if the system has partitioned, they
are applied to the database when they become known to the primary compo­
nent of the partitioned system. An application may, however, read data and
initiate updates at any time, even in a component that is not the primary
component. This approach renders replication more efficient and more scalable
and, therefore, applicable to many more systems.


Source: Amir, Yair - Department of Computer Science, Johns Hopkins University
Hebrew University of Jerusalem - School of Computer Science and Engineering, Transis Project


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences; Mathematics