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The Complexity of Updating Multi-writer Snapshot Objects

Summary: The Complexity of Updating Multi-writer
Snapshot Objects
Hagit Attiya , Faith Ellen , and Panagiota Fatourou
Abstract. This paper proves (m) lower bounds on the step complexity
of UPDATE operations for partitioned implementations of m-component
multi-writer snapshot objects from base objects of any type. These are
implementations in which each base object is only modifed by processes
performing UPDATE operations to one specific component. In particular,
we show that any space-optimal implementation of a multi-writer snap-
shot object from historyless objects is partitioned. This work extends
a similar lower bound by Israeli and Shirazi for implementations of m-
component single-writer snapshot objects from single-writer registers.
1 Introduction
An important problem in shared memory distributed systems is to obtain a
consistent view of the contents of the memory while updates to the memory are
happening concurrently. This problem can be formalized as the implementation
of a snapshot object that can be accessed concurrently by different processes.
A snapshot object [1] consists of a set of m > 1 components, each capable of
storing a value. Processes can perform two different types of operations: UPDATE
any individual component to have a specific value or atomically SCAN to obtain


Source: Attiya, Hagit - Department of Computer Science, Technion, Israel Institute of Technology


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences