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Yeast Media Sterilization Guidelines

Summary: 1
Yeast Media
Sterilization Guidelines:
Use the following exposure times for liquids and remove immediately at end of liquid cycle.
Volume Vessel Exposure Time
100 ml Glass Bottle/Flask 25 minutes
500 ml Glass Bottle/Flask 35 minutes
1 L Plastic Fernbach Flask 45 minutes
For Agar plates: Add 16 g Bacto-agar per liter. For large volumes, add stir bar.
YPD: 1 L
10 g Bacto Yeast Extract
20 g Bacto Peptone
20 Dextrose
YPDa Add 0.5X adenine to cooled YPD medium
YP90: 900 ml
Use YPD recipe above, but omit dextrose.
Dissolve in 900 ml dH2O ("90% of final volume").
Dispense into 90 ml aliquots.
Autoclave and cool to room temperature.
Add carbon source from sterilized 20% solution.


Source: Aris, John P. - Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology, University of Florida


Collections: Biology and Medicine