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Sub-Logarithmic Test-and-Set Against a Weak Adversary

Summary: Sub-Logarithmic Test-and-Set
Against a Weak Adversary
Dan Alistarh1
and James Aspnes2
Yale University
Abstract. A randomized implementation is given of a test-and-set register with
O(log log n) individual step complexity and O(n) total step complexity against
an oblivious adversary. The implementation is linearizable and multi-shot, and
shows an exponential complexity improvement over previous solutions designed
to work against a strong adversary.
1 Introduction
A test-and-set object supports an atomic test-and-set operation, which returns 0 to
the first process that executes it and 1 to all subsequent processes. Test-and-set is a
classic synchronization primitive, often used in multiprocessing computer systems as
a tool for implementing mutual exclusion. It also has close connections to the tradi-
tional distributed computing problems of consensus [11] and renaming [2]. For two
processes, test-and-set can be used to solve consensus and vice versa [11]; this implies


Source: Aspnes, James - Department of Computer Science, Yale University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences