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Exploring Mouse Movements for Inferring Query Intent Math & Computer Science

Summary: Exploring Mouse Movements for Inferring Query Intent
Qi Guo
Math & Computer Science
Emory University
Eugene Agichtein
Math & Computer Science
Emory University
Clickthrough on search results have been successfully used to in-
fer user interest and preferences, but are often noisy and potentially
ambiguous. We explore the potential of a complementary, more
sensitive signal ­mouse movements­ in providing insights into the
intent behind a web search query. We report preliminary results of
studying user mouse movements on search result pages, with the
goal of inferring user intent - in particular, to explore whether we
can automatically distinguish the different query classes such as
navigational vs. informational queries from mouse move trajecto-
ries. Our preliminary exploration confirms the value of studying


Source: Agichtein, Eugene - Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Emory University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences