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Services and Objects: Open issues Vincenzo D'Andrea and Marco Aiello

Summary: Services and Objects: Open issues
Vincenzo D'Andrea and Marco Aiello
Department of Information and Telecommunication Technologies
University of Trento
Via Sommarive, 14 38050 Trento
Abstract. One of the common metaphors used in textbooks on Object-
Oriented programming (OOP) is to view objects in terms of the services
they provide, describing them in "service oriented" terms. This opens
a number of interesting questions, moving away from the simple view
of OOP as an implementation tool for Web Services. First of all: if an
Object is a Service, can we also say that a Service is an Object?
While the short answers seems to be negative, there are several connec-
tions between the two concepts and it is possible to exploit the large
repository of methodological tools available in OOP. What are the coun-
terparts, in terms of services, of concepts like class or instance? Is it
possible to apply techniques as containment or inheritance to services?
What are interfaces, properties and methods for services? In this paper
we try to start building some connections, underlining the open issues


Source: Aiello, Marco - Institute for Mathematics and Computing Science, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences