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IEEE Communications Magazine April 20002 Secure Quality of Service Handling

Summary: IEEE Communications Magazine April 20002
Secure Quality of Service Handling:
0163-6804/00/$10.00 2000 IEEE
Proposals for programmable network infras-
tructures, such as active networks and open sig-
naling, provide programmers with access to
network resources and data structures. The moti-
vation for providing these interfaces is accelerated
introduction of new services, but exposure of the
interfaces introduces many new security risks. The
risks can be reduced or eliminated via appropri-
ate restrictions on the exported interfaces. In this
article we describe some of the security issues
raised by active networks. We then describe our
secure active network environment architecture.
SANE was designed as a security infrastructure
for active networks, and was implemented in the
SwitchWare architecture. SANE restricts the


Source: Arbaugh, William A. - Institute for Advanced Computer Studies & Department of Computer Science, University of Maryland at College Park
Keromytis, Angelos D. - Department of Computer Science, Columbia University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences