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Registrar's Office Objectives 2008-2009 As of July 15, 2008

Summary: Registrar's Office Objectives 2008-2009
As of July 15, 2008
Our first approach to the 2008-2009 academic year was to build objectives from the menu of enrolment priorities and action items
listed in the University of Regina Enrolment Management Plan (May 2008). We selected objectives based on those we could tackle
immediately, where we are able to set the stage for the University, and where we are best able to partner resources. Each of the
objectives below will have corresponding documents outlining action items, measures, and an evaluation of our progress.
Objectives related to production requirements in the implementation of new, modified and deleted academic policy and in the
maintenance of student official files are not listed below while they remain our reason for existence. Maintenance and update of
approved motions by Faculty Councils, the Council Committee of Undergraduate Admissions and Studies, the Faculty of Graduate
Studies and Research Faculty Council, Executive of Council, and Senate drive the daily work load managed by the Registrar's Office.
We adapt as changes in program, policy and procedure are approved by our internal and external partners. This document will be
updated to match the University's strategic objectives and key academic decisions throughout the coming academic year.
The abbreviations/signals used in the following table are:
Unit Code Priority Current Status
AD: Academic Data
APSC: Academic Policy Services and Ceremonies
A: Admissions
CSRS: Class Schedule and Registration Services
RO: Registrar's Office (all units)
SAFA: Student Awards and Financial Aid


Source: Argerami, Martin - Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Regina


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