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Spring 2012 Math 5308 Mathematical Analysis II

Summary: Spring 2012
Math 5308 Mathematical Analysis II
Section 001 (23391) (Tue, Thu 5:00-6:20 PM, Room PKH 113)
INSTRUCTOR: Dr. Gaik Ambartsoumian PHONE: (817) 272-3384
WEB ADDRESS: wweb.uta.edu/faculty/gambarts/math5308.html E-MAIL: gambarts@uta.edu
OFFICE HOURS: Tue, Thu 2:00-3:00 PM or by appointment OFFICE: 444 Pickard Hall
REQUIRED TEXTBOOK: Mathematical Analysis, Second Edition, by Tom M. Apostol.
COURSE CONTENT: Infinite series and products, sequences and series of functions, Lebesgue integral
and its basic properties, Fourier series and Fourier integrals, multivariable differential calculus. For more
details see http://www.uta.edu/math/pages/main/phdreqs/5308.htm.
PREREQUISITES: MATH 5307 or consent of Graduate Advisor.
IMPORTANT: You should have an activated MavMail account and check it regularly during the
semester. You are responsible for all the information I will be sending out to your MavMail accounts and
the announcements I make on my Web Page (wweb.uta.edu/faculty/gambarts/math5308.html).
GRADING POLICY: The homework will be graded by the Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA);
the Midterm and the Final will be graded by the instructor.
Homework 30 % A = 90-100
Midterm 30 % B = 80-89
Final Exam 40 % C = 70-79
Total Points 100 % D = 60-69


Source: Ambartsoumian, Gaik - Department of Mathematics, University of Texas at Arlington


Collections: Mathematics