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University of Michigan College of Engineering

Summary: University of Michigan
College of Engineering
Engineering Career Resource Center
Offers and Acceptance of Employment Policy
Please read this page carefully. It expands upon the Offers and Acceptance of Employment Policy within
the Job Search Code of Ethics. If you do not accept the terms here, do not use ENGenius.Jobs. By using
the website you are indicating your understanding and acceptance of the Offers and Acceptance of
Employment Policy.
Offers and Acceptance of Employment: We strongly encourage students to inform the ECRC of offers
and acceptances of employment. Once an offer has been accepted, discontinue campus interviews and
cancel any remaining interviews in accordance with the cancellation policy stated within the Job Search
Code of Ethics. Students should also make every effort to avoid reneging on job offers. Gather
information, ask plenty of questions, anticipate other offers, determine your career goals and needs, meet
with an ECRC advisor, request an extension on the deadline, all in an attempt to make an informed
decision regarding an offer of employment. Once that commitment is made, reneging on an offer has a
very negative impact. Because of this, before you retract a committed offer, you must contact the ECRC
Office and setup an appointment with both an ECRC Career Counselor and the ECRC Director. In this
meeting, you will consider your options and also outline an apology letter to any affected employers. This
letter will be forwarded on to the employer(s) with the ECRC's notification. Not contacting the ECRC
with a retracted agreement risks your ENGenius.Jobs account being revoked for a temporary amount of


Source: Awtar, Shorya - Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Michigan
Shyy, Wei - Department of Aerospace Engineering, University of Michigan


Collections: Engineering