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Versatile Benchmarking for Concurrent Production System Architectures

Summary: Versatile Benchmarking for Concurrent Production System
Jos'e Nelson Amaral \Lambda Joydeep Ghosh
(amaral@madona.pucrs.br) (ghosh@pine.ece.utexas.edu)
Departamento de Eletr“onica Dept. of Electr. and Comp. Engineering
Pontif'icia Universidade Cat'olica do RGS The University of Texas at Austin
90619­900 ­ Porto Alegre, RS Austin, Texas 78712
The shortage of adequate benchmarking facilities is a major problem in the evaluation of
novel production system machine organizations. This paper presents a survey of benchmark
programs used in published research for improvement of production systems. We offer a new
benchmark problem that allows independent variation in the size of the database, the number of
productions, the ratio between local and global data, and the variance in the size of local data
clusters. This new benchmark, available via the Internet through anonymous ftp, is based on
the traditional Traveling Salesperson Problem and has the advantage of being both simple and
versatile. The advantages of our benchmark are explored through the evaluation of performance
of a new production system architecture. Our experiments indicated that the performance of
this new architecture scales with the size of the database, but is degraded by a database with
high variance in the size of the local data clusters.
1 Introduction


Source: Amaral, José Nelson - Department of Computing Science, University of Alberta


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences