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Carbon monoxide sensor for PEM fuel cell systems Christopher T. Holta,*

Summary: Carbon monoxide sensor for PEM fuel cell systems
Christopher T. Holta,*
, A.-M. Azada
, S.L. Swartza
R.R. Raob
, Prabir K. Duttab
NexTech Materials Ltd., 720-I, Lakeview Plaza Boulevard, Worthington, OH 43085, USA
Department of Chemistry, The Ohio State University, 120 W. 18th Avenue, Columbus, OH 43210, USA
Accepted 8 August 2002
Power generation systems based on Proton-exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cells require sensors to detect carbon monoxide to extremely
low levels ($1 ppm) in the presence of hydrogen and other gaseous components (nitrogen, carbon dioxide, methane and steam). The CO
sensors capable of working in reducing environments are almost non-existent. Development of a new CO sensor stable in H2-rich environment
is described. The novel sensing approach is based on the adsorption of CO onto a film of an inorganic material that allows CO detection by
monitoring resistance changes of the film in a simulated reformed gas, rich in H2. When suitable materials were used for the thick film
approach, the resistance of the device exhibited a rapid and reversible sensitivity to carbon monoxide in the range 05000 ppm over a period of
several days, in the presence of hydrogen and nitrogen.


Source: Azad, Abdul-Majeed - Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering, University of Toledo
Dutta, Prabir K. - Department of Chemistry, Ohio State University


Collections: Chemistry; Energy Storage, Conversion and Utilization; Engineering; Materials Science