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Submetido para TEMA Visualizing Relations between Computational

Summary: Submetido para TEMA
Visualizing Relations between Computational
Models and Grammars of Context-Free Languages 1
ON y2 , H. W. POUBEL y , R. B. NOGUEIRA 3 , y Grupo de Te-
oria da Computac~ao, Departamento de Matematica and  Departamento de En-
genharia Mec^anica, Universidade de Braslia, 70900-010 Braslia D.F., Brasil
ayala@mat.unb.br haydee@mat.unb.br
Abstract. We present an extension of the animation tool SAGEMoLiC, which
enlarges it for the treatment of the equivalences between context-free languages
(grammars) and pushdown automata, that are their machine models. The main
di erence between our system and many other animation systems is the possibility
of visualization, during the translation of a model (and/or grammatical represen-
tation) to other, the key notions which guarantee the correctness of these trans-
formations. Consequently, our tool is a truly educational system and not simply a
translation tool between models. One can, for instance, develop step by step the
transformation of a grammar to its Greibach normal form and then, from the pro-
duction rules of the grammar, one can obtain the transitions of the corresponding
pushdown automaton.
Keywords: Automata theory, Formal languages, Visualization, Algorithm Anima-


Source: Ayala-Rincón, Mauricio - Departamento de Matemática, Universidade de Brasília


Collections: Mathematics