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m4 trying the MCP NMR retail ver.3 John McCarthy Eyal Amir

Summary: m4 ­ trying the MCP NMR retail ­ ver.3
John McCarthy Eyal Amir
December 6, 1996
In this version we simplify all that is possible to simplify, down to the cir­
cumscribing of action, and the solution to the frame problem. We will try to
make everything simple enough to prove everything that we want to prove (suc­
cess with 3,3 and failure with 4,4), in a simple manner. No elaborations are
treated here.
1 Formulas
The following formulas describe the relations and objects in the basic story.
1.1 Basic Formulas (mainly action related)
1.1.1 Language
Our language will include the following object constants: M ,C,S0, Situations,Boat,Banks,
which will be the sets of Missionaries and Cannibals, the first Situation, the set
of Situations, the Boat, and the set of Banks, respectively. We need all of these
to define the sorts of objects that we are dealing with (esp. to make sure that
functions and predicates act on the right sets of objects). We will define the
function and relation constants with their associated axioms in 1.3.3.
In this version of the paper, we restrict ourselves to actions of the form
A(group; bank) = using(Boat; go(group; bank))


Source: Amir, Eyal - Department of Computer Science, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences