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M~lewlarBrainRwwch 44 0997) 286-292 Researchnqofi

Summary: M~lewlarBrainRwwch 44 0997) 286-292
Gene s*mcture and 5'~flankingregulatory region of the murine serotonin
Dietmar Bengel a, Armin Heils a, Susanne Petri a, Marius Seemann `, Ratharina Glatz `,
Anne Andrews b,Dennis L. Murphy b, K. Peter Lesch `**
' &pam~e~~rofPsychiarry. Uniuersify of Wiirzburg, Fiichsieinsir. 15, 97080 Wkburg, Germany
Ir LCS, NlMFi, NIH Clinical Center. IO/3l.W, Be/hesda. MD 20892, USA
By modulatingthe magnitudeanddurationof postsynaptic responses, carrier-facilitatedsemtonin6HT) transportinto andrelease
from the prqnapic neuronis centralto the fine tuningof semtonergicneumtransmission.The S-HTtransporter(5-HTTPis the prime
targetforwidely used antidepressants.psychostimulants,drugsof abuseandneumtoxins.Wehaveisolatedthe geneencodingthemu&e
S-H"iT anddeterminedthe sequenceof all exonsincludingadjacentintro& regionsand * 3.6 kb of the S-flanking regulatoryregion.
The miuine5-HIT geneis composedof 14 exonsspanning h 34 kb.The single gene transcriptaftersplicing is 2744 bp in lengthandit
contaiains1% bp of 5' untmaslatedregion(S-UTR)and 6fi8bp of 3'-UTR.A TATA-likemotifand severalpotentialbindingsitesfor
transcriptionfactorsincludingAPI, AP2,AP4,SPl as wellas CRE-andGRE-likemotifsarepresentin theGC-richS-flankingregion.
The characterizationof mu&e S-HIT &NA and genomic organizationwill facilitate studies of 5-HTuptakefunction with molecular
pharmacologic andtmnsgenicstrategiesaswell as investigations of its role in quantitativetrailsandpsychiatricdisorders.
Key-mds: !+mmmin tzaqmQ~ Mouse: Gene organization;Promoter,Antidepressant:Anxiety; Alcoholism;Affectivedisorder


Source: Andrews, Anne M. - Huck Institutes of the Life Sciences, Pennsylvania State University


Collections: Biology and Medicine