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Department of Industrial Engineering & Operations Research IEOR162 Linear Programming (3 units)

Summary: Department of Industrial Engineering & Operations Research
IEOR162 Linear Programming (3 units)
Semester: Fall 2009 Instructor: Alper Atamtšurk
Prerequisites: Math 53, Math 54
Required text: Introduction to Mathematical Programming: Applications and Algorithms,
W. L. Winston & M. Venkataramanan, 4th ed., Duxbury Press, 2002. ISBN: 0-534-35964-7
Recommended book: AMPL: A Modeling Language For Mathematical Programming, Robert
Fourer, David M. Gay, and Brian W. Kernighan, 2nd ed., Duxbury Press/Brooks/Cole Publishing
Company, 2002. ISBN 0-534-38809-4
Instructor: Alper Atamtšurk (email: atamturk@berkeley.edu)
Lectures: Tue Thr 9­10 AM (3106 ETCHEVERRY)
Office hrs: Wed 4­6 PM (4175 ETCHEVERRY)
Teaching assistant: Ling-Chieh Kung (email: lckung@berkeley.edu)
Discussion session: Sec 101: Fri 9­10 AM (3111 ETCHEVERRY)
Sec 102: Fri 1­2 PM (3111 ETCHEVERRY)
Office hrs: Mon 10 AM ­ 12 PM (1116 ETCHEVERRY)
Course web page: Maintained at http://bspace.berkeley.edu/
Final exam: TUESDAY, DECEMBER 15, 2009 8­11 AM
Course description
This is an introductory course on formulating mathematical models and developing solution methods


Source: Atamtürk, Alper - Department of Industrial Engineering and Operations Research, University of California at Berkeley


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