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AnnualReportShapingOurFuture 2000 -2001

Summary: AnnualReportShapingOurFuture
2000 - 2001
As a scholarly community the University of Regina derives its
strength, vision and purpose by the advancement, sharing and
application of knowledge, and by facilitating the development of
thoughtful, creative, adaptable, contributing and humane citizens.
The University of Regina preserves, transmits, interprets and
enhances the cultural, scientific and artistic heritage of humanity
through the acquisition and expansion of knowledge and
understanding. We apply our skills in the service of society by
facilitating constructive criticism, independent thinking, free
discussion, and the pursuit of truth, while respecting the rights
and responsibilities associated with academic freedom.
By interpreting the past and examining and clarifying contemporary
thinking we shape the possibilities of the future. We are open to
change and enthusiastic about investigation and creativity. We
combine a unity of purpose with a diversity of outlook.
By encouraging the development of their potential, we prepare


Source: Argerami, Martin - Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Regina


Collections: Mathematics