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Amortised Bisimulations Astrid Kiehn, S. Arun-Kumar

Summary: Amortised Bisimulations
Astrid Kiehn, S. Arun-Kumar
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology Delhi
New Delhi 110016, India
Abstract. We introduce a quantitative concept for bisimulations by in-
tegrating the notion of amortisation (cf. [3]). This allows us to make
behavioural comparisons between nondeterministic systems that are in-
herently non-terminating and to analyse the relative long-term costs of
deploying them. To this end, we conservatively extend CCS to include
a new set of cost-based actions and define a cost-based quantitative re-
lation called amortised bisimulation. We demonstrate the applicability
of our approach by two case studies. In both cases the cost of addi-
tional administration is shown to amortise. We furthermore show that
the amortised preorder for speed introduced in [6] is naturally expressible
in our setting.
1 Introduction
Bisimulation equivalence [7, 8, 11] has been developed as a notion of behavioural
equivalence for nondeterministic, conceptually nonterminating systems. Loosely


Source: Arun-Kumar, S. - Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences