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CS5050 Homework 1 Due September 12, 2008, (due at class time) 10 points

Summary: CS5050 Homework 1
Due September 12, 2008, (due at class time) 10 points
Written homework provides an excellent framework for achieving the goals of obtaining
a working knowledge of data structures, perfecting programming skills, and developing
critical thinking strategies to aid the design and evaluation of algorithms. Since
programming has a high overhead in terms of program entry and debugging, all important
topics in this course cannot be covered via programming projects. Written homework
exercises allow students to learn important material without a high time investment.
Although the point value is low, the benefits are great. You can perfect your design skills
without spending hours at the computer and can get feedback on your thinking skills from
your study partners. Students who consistently do quality homework have far superior
test scores.
Because assignments are done as a group and any questions are discussed in class or
during office hours, written solutions to the homework will not be provided.
1. The terminology f(n) is O(n2
) is equivalent to saying f(n) is of order n2
or saying
f(n) is of complexity n2
. For each problem, (1) Find the complexity (2) select an
appropriate picture from the list below (A-F) (or draw one of your own) to justify


Source: Allan, Vicki H. - Department of Computer Science, Utah State University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences