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Andrade, J. E. Geotechnique [doi: 10.1680/geot.7.00087] A predictive framework for liquefaction instability

Summary: Andrade, J. E. Ge´otechnique [doi: 10.1680/geot.7.00087]
A predictive framework for liquefaction instability
A predictive framework for flow liquefaction instabilities
in sands is presented. A general criterion for liquefaction,
based purely on the laws of physics, is presented and
adapted to the important case of radial loading (e.g.
triaxial, simple shear) using the Cambridge p9­q plane.
Three important contributions are made in the paper.
First, the instability concept is unified, and it is shown
that the liquefaction criterion coincides with other in-
stability criteria proposed previously. Second, the mech-
anics triggering liquefaction instabilities are highlighted
using a simple instability criterion--underscoring the role
of the material state and the underlying constitutive
response. Third, the proposed framework is compared
with experimental data from samples of sand under
undrained triaxial compression, and it is shown that the
proposed criterion correctly predicts the onset of lique-


Source: Andrade, Jose - Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Northwestern University


Collections: Engineering