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Biomimetic Underwater Robot Program Joseph Ayers, PI/POC

Summary: Biomimetic Underwater Robot Program
Joseph Ayers, PI/POC
Marine Science Center
East Point, Nahant, MA 01908
email: lobster@neu.edu
What we do:
We employ biomimetic approaches to confer the adaptive capabilities of marine animal models to
engineered devices. These devices include sensors, actuators, adaptive logic systems, electronic
nervous systems, biomimetic underwater robots and neurorehabilitative devices.
Our Robots: RoboLobster and RoboLamprey
Our Technologies
Biomimetic Robots: We have built four classes of biomimetic robots based on the American Lobster. These
robots capture the biomechanical advantages of lobsters and employ a sensorimotor system consisting of
neuromorphic sensors, a controller based on the command neuron, coordinating neuron, central pattern
generator architecture of animals and myomorphic actuators and a behavioral library reversed engineered
from studies of the lobsters. We have also created two generations of a biomimetic robot based on the
lamprey that swims by lateral axial undulations. We are developing a ultrashort baseline sonar navigation
system to allow this robot to home on a sonar beacon.
Electronic Nervous Systems: We construct controllers based on three types of electronic nervous systems:


Source: Ayers, Joseph - Marine Science Center & Department of Biology, Northeastern University


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