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Standard ML of New Jersey Andrew W. Appel #

Summary: Standard ML of New Jersey
Andrew W. Appel #
Princeton University
David B. MacQueen
AT&T Bell Laboratories
CS­TR­329­91, Dept. of Computer Science, Princeton University, June 1991
This paper appeared in Third Int'l Symp. on Prog. Lang. Implementation and Logic Programming, Springer­Verlag LNCS 528, pp. 1--13, August 1991.
The Standard ML of New Jersey compiler has been
under development for five years now. We have
developed a robust and complete environment for
Standard ML that supports the implementation of
large software systems and generates e#cient code.
The compiler has also served as a laboratory for de­
veloping novel implementation techniques for a so­
phisticated type and module system, continuation
based code generation, e#cient pattern matching,
and concurrent programming features.
1 Introduction
Standard ML of New Jersey is a compiler and


Source: Appel, Andrew W. - Department of Computer Science, Princeton University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences