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Policy on Access of Pets and "Service Animals in Training" Dogs into Animal and Dairy Science Department (ADS) Facilities

Summary: Policy on Access of Pets and "Service Animals in Training" Dogs into Animal and Dairy Science
Department (ADS) Facilities
All personal pets are banned from facilities managed by ADS, including the Rhodes Center, all
farms and the Instructional Livestock Arena. The Department supports the efforts of students that are
involved in-training service dogs and will provide access to these dogs in many of the areas of the campus
that are managed by ADS. In general, lecture and computer classrooms, hallways, student areas,
bathrooms, and offices in the Rhodes Center will be accessible to "service in-training" dogs. However,
there are some areas and/or facilities in ADS to which "service animals in-training" dogs will be denied
access due to safety issues or due to the unique research nature of the area/facility. Also, ADS reserves
the right to bar any in-training dog from ADS facilities that, in our opinion, poses a threat or is disruptive.
Areas in ADS where access to "service animals in training" dogs will be restricted or denied is provided
Livestock Farms: The Department has horse, beef cattle, dairy cattle and swine farms that contain
animals involved in teaching and research. The animals at many of the farms are very large and can
become spooked in the presence of a dog, which poses a very real safety issue for both people and
animals; therefore, in-training dogs will not be permitted at any of the ADS farms.
Large Animal Research Unit (LARU): The LARU located in the Rhodes Center contains areas that
are conducting intensive animal research involving some large grants. In-training dogs will not be
permitted in any part of the LARU, including the hallways
General Research and Teaching Labs in the Rhodes Center: The Rhodes Center contains teaching


Source: Arnold, Jonathan - Nanoscale Science and Engineering Center & Department of Genetics, University of Georgia


Collections: Biotechnology