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The Impact of Interference on Optimal Multi-path Routing in Ad Hoc Networks

Summary: The Impact of Interference on Optimal
Multi-path Routing in Ad Hoc Networks
Roland de Haan, Richard J. Boucherie, and Jan-Kees van Ommeren
Stochastic Operations Research, University of Twente, The Netherlands
Abstract. We develop a queueing model characterizing explicitly the
impact of interference on end-to-end performance measures such as
throughput in ad hoc networks, emphasizing the performance trade-off
between single-path and multi-path routing. It may seem attractive to
employ multi-path routing, but as all nodes share a single channel, effi-
ciency may drop due to increased interference levels thus yielding single-
path performance for some topologies. We formulate a nonlinear pro-
gramming problem to optimize network performance. Next, we focus on
network capacity and show that for this objective the optimum could
be found by solving an exponential number of linear programmes. We
propose a greedy algorithm that efficiently searches these programmes
to approximate the optimal solution. Numerical results for small topolo-
gies provide structural insight in optimal path selection and demonstrate
the excellent performance of the proposed algorithm. Besides, larger
networks and more advanced scenarios with multiple source-destination
pairs and different radio ranges are analyzed.


Source: Al Hanbali, Ahmad - Department of Applied Mathematics, Universiteit Twente


Collections: Engineering