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Solar Transient Events and their importance for Coronal Heating

Summary: 1
Solar Transient Events and their importance
for Coronal Heating
J. Gerry Doyle and Maria S. Madjarska
Over the last decade the uninterrupted, high resolution coverage of the Sun
both from the excellent range of telescopes aboard many spacecrafts and from
ground-based instruments has led to a wealth of observations of small-scale
dynamic events observed from the chromosphere to the transition region and
corona. Since many of these events were observed with di erent instruments,
they show di erent properties from one another. It is suggested that many of
these phenomena result from small-scale reconnection events due to the con-
tinually evolving magnetic elds as seen at photospheric level, although waves
are thought to play an important heating role as well. Nowadays, there is a
general consensus that the key to understanding how the solar plasma is accel-
erated and heated may well be found in the study of these small-scale dynamic
events. Here, we give a brief review of the range of observed transient features
and suggest that these small-scale events may well have broad implications for
the mass and energy balance of the whole upper atmosphere of the Sun and
the solar wind.
Gerry Doyle is Professor of astronomy at Armagh Observa-


Source: Armagh Observatory


Collections: Physics