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Interaction of Cryogen Spray with Human Skin under Vacuum Pressures

Summary: Interaction of Cryogen Spray with Human
Skin under Vacuum Pressures
Walfre Franco, Jie Liu & Guillermo Aguilar
Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of California,
Riverside, USA.
Clinical results recently demonstrated improvement in lesion blanching using
local vacuum to target small vessels in port wine stains (PWS) birthmarks laser
therapy. The release of cryogen spurts under vacuum pressures may also offer
many advantages to this therapeutic procedure due to different spray-surface
interactions under vacuum conditions, which may lead to enhanced heat transfer.
The objective of our work is to study the time and space dependent thermal
response of a skin phantom to cryogen sprays at different pressures and constant
humidity conditions. For this purpose, liquid cryogen was sprayed onto a skin
phantom within atmospheric and various local vacuum pressures ranging from
1770 kPa at 15 % and 50 % local humidity. We used a linear array of sensors
mounted on the phantom surface to measure temperature changes as a function
of time along a 6 mm radius, and a direct heat conduction solution to calculate
the correspondent local heat fluxes. Compared to atmospheric pressures, lower
minimum surface temperatures and higher heat fluxes from skin phantoms were


Source: Aguilar, Guillermo - Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of California at Riverside


Collections: Engineering