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UCSB Office of Information Technology Campus Network Programmers

Summary: UCSB Office of Information Technology
Campus Network Programmers
Network Policy Document
Wireless Data Networking Circular
DRAFT 4/28/2003 8:06 AM
Wireless data networking products based upon Institute of Electrical and Electronics
Engineers (IEEE) 802.111
technologies are commonly available and very inexpensive.
They are also quite popular, in large part due to the "out of the box" experience of
immediate, easy network access. Typical wireless products include "access points",
which connect between wired and wireless networks, and network cards, typically used
by "mobile users" with laptop computers or personal digital assistants (PDAs).
While these products may be configured for use in a home environment, institutional
deployments require additional considerations. These issues include deployment
conflicts, roaming support, access control, accountability, user privacy, Wired Equivalent
Privacy (WEP) deficiencies, and technology evolution. Examining these considerations
highlights deficiencies inherent to standard wireless products currently available in the
Deployment conflicts occur when wireless technologies interfere with each other or other
institutional research or services. Deployment conflicts may occur as individual access


Source: Akhmedov, Azer - Department of Mathematics, University of California at Santa Barbara


Collections: Mathematics