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Enhancement of the Two-channel Kondo E ect in Single-Electron boxes Frithjof B. Anders

Summary: Enhancement of the Two-channel Kondo E ect in Single-Electron boxes
Frithjof B. Anders
Institut fur Festkorperphysik, Technical University Darmstadt, 64289 Darmstadt, Germany
Eran Lebanon and Avraham Schiller
Racah Institute of Physics, The Hebrew University, Jerusalem 91904, Israel
We investigate the charging of quantum box connected to a lead through a single electron transis-
tor near the degeneracy point in the Coulomb blockade regime. The low-temperature Hamiltonian is
solved exactly for arbitray gate voltages, temperature, level positions of the single electron transistor
and tunneling probability to the single electron transistor using Wilson's numerical renormalization
group. The numerical results are supported by analytical second order RG solved analytically in
weak coupling. The physics is governed by a two-channel Kondo xed point re ected in a loga-
rithmically divergent e ective capacitance at the degenercy point. The two-channel Kondo e ect is
robust with repect to shifting the resonace of the SET and the inclusion of a on-site Coulomb re-
pulsion. Its characteristic energy scale TK is no longer exponentially small when the single electron
transistor approaches perfect transmission.
PACS numbers: PACS numbers: 73.23.Hk, 72.15.Qm, 73.40.Gk
The two-channel Kondo e ect 1,2 is a prototype for non-
Fermi-liquid behavior in correlated electron systems. It
occurs when a spin- 1


Source: Anders, Frithjof - Institute for Theoretical Physics, Universitšt Bremen


Collections: Physics