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Level-crossing spectroscopy of the 7, 9, and 10D states of Cs in an external electric field

Summary: Level-crossing spectroscopy of the 7, 9, and 10D states of Cs in an
external electric field
M. Auzinsh, K. Blushs, R. Ferber, F. Gahbauer, A. Jarmola, and M. Tamanis
Department of Physics and Institute of Atomic Physics and Spectroscopy, University of Latvia,
19 Rainis Blvd., LV-1586 Riga, Latvia
We discuss experimental and theoretical studies of coherent excitation of magnetic sublevels in nD states of cesium that
cross in an external electric field. Crossings of mF magnetic sublevels of hyperfine F levels with mF = 2 lead to
resonances in the linearly polarized laser induced fluorescence, while crossings with mF = 1 lead to resonances in the
circularly polarized laser induced fluorescence. These resonances can be exploited to observe alignment to orientation
conversion. From the level crossing signals it is possible to measure atomic properties, such as the tensor polarizability
2 and the hyperfine constant A. Alignment to orientation conversion involves the deformation of the spatial distribution
of an atom's angular momentum.
Keywords: Level-crossing spectroscopy, alignment to orientation conversion, cesium, two-step excitation, polarizability
Level-crossing spectroscopy is a simple, yet effective method for investigating the structure of atomic levels. Electric-
field-induced level-crossing spectroscopy has not been exploited as extensively as magnetic-field-induced level-crossing
spectroscopy to determine atomic properties, because a homogenous electric field is harder to produce and measure than
a magnetic field that causes a comparable magnetic sublevel splitting. The first experimental observation of electric-
field-induced magnetic sublevel (mF) crossing within a hyperfine manifold at non-zero electric field was reported in


Source: Auzinsh, Marcis - Department of Physics, University of Latvia


Collections: Physics