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Exact solution of the excited-state geminate A*BoC*D reaction with two different lifetimes and quenching

Summary: Exact solution of the excited-state geminate A*¿BoC*¿D reaction
with two different lifetimes and quenching
Soohyung Park and Kook Joe Shina)
School of Chemistry, Seoul National University, Seoul 151-747, Korea
Noam Agmonb)
Department of Physical Chemistry and the Fritz Haber Research Center, The Hebrew University,
Jerusalem 91904, Israel
Received 26 January 2004; accepted 2 April 2004
The authors obtain, in the Laplace transform space, the exact analytic solution for the Green
function and survival probabilities for the excited-state diffusion-influenced reversible geminate
reaction, A* B C* D, with two different lifetimes and in the presence of an added quenching
process. This extends a previous investigation by Popov and Agmon J. Chem. Phys. 117, 5770
2002 of the ground-state reaction without quenching. The long-time asymptotic behavior of the
survival probabilities is obtained in the time domain. It is found to be different from the
equal-lifetime case. This paper also provides a useful short-time approximation for the kinetics.
© 2004 American Institute of Physics. DOI: 10.1063/1.1755658
Diffusion influenced bimolecular reactions in solution
have been studied extensively and continuously since the
seminal work of Smoluchowski.1


Source: Agmon, Noam - Institute of Chemistry, Hebrew University of Jerusalem


Collections: Chemistry