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Department of Industrial Engineering & Operations Research IEOR264 Computational Optimization

Summary: Department of Industrial Engineering & Operations Research
IEOR264 Computational Optimization
Semester: Spring 2008 Instructor: Alper Atamtšurk
Prerequisite: IEOR262A or consent of instructor.
Textbook: G.L. Nemhauser and L.A. Wolsey, Integer and Combinatorial Optimization, Wiley, 1999.
Other suggested books:
· R. Fourer, D. M. Gay, and B.W. Kernighan, AMPL: A Modeling Language For Mathematical
Programming, Boyd & Fraser, 1993.
· L. A. Wolsey, Integer Programming, Wiley, 1998.
Instructor: Alper Atamtšurk (email: atamturk@berkeley.edu phone: 642­4559)
Lectures: Mon Wed 9-11:30 AM (3117B Etcheverry)
Office hrs: TBA (4175 Etcheverry) and by appointment.
Web page: http://ieor.berkeley.edu/atamturk/ieor264
Course description
In this course we develop effective computational methods for large-scale optimization problems in
which some or all of the variables must take on integral values. Examples of such problems include
telecommunication/transportation network design, integrated circuit layout, vehicle/crew routing
and scheduling, production and distribution, facility location and capacity allocation problems. Most
of these problems are hard to solve (both theoretically and practically). Commercial optimization
software are far from satisfying the ever increasing demand from industry for solving large instances


Source: Atamtürk, Alper - Department of Industrial Engineering and Operations Research, University of California at Berkeley


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