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Probabilistic Checking of Proofs Hardness of Approximation Problems

Summary: Probabilistic Checking of Proofs
Hardness of Approximation Problems
Sanjeev Arora
(Revised version of a dissertation submitted at
CS Division, UC Berkeley, in August 1994)
Princeton tech­reports are available in postscript form via anonymous ftp from ftp.cs.princeton.edu
(InterNet address You may log in as anonymous, and give your email ad­
dress as password. Change to the directory reports. The file README gives details, and the
file INDEX lists the numbers and the titles of all reports. This report is numbered 476­94.
Hard­copies of this report are available for a charge of $9.50 (only US dollar checks
accepted) from the following address.
Technical Reports
Department of Computer Science
Princeton University
35 Olden Street
Princeton, NJ 08544­2087

Probabilistic Checking of Proofs


Source: Arora, Sanjeev - Department of Computer Science, Princeton University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences