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Version 2.0 ISU AT Command Reference

Summary: Version 2.0
ISU AT Command Reference
May 20, 2003
Version 2.0
May 20, 2003 i
ISU AT Command Reference Revision History
Revision History
Version Date Author Reason
1.0 06-Jul-99 Elenita Caturan-Hinds Initial creation.
1.1 22-Oct-99 Elenita Caturan-Hinds Fixed default/range values for +IPR, +WIRLP and
+DS commands.
1.2 9-Dec-99 Elenita Caturan-Hinds Added more GSM 7.07 and GSM 7.05 commands
to support Starfish TrueSync application. Added
result codes summary table (section 9).
1.3 26-Jan-00 Elenita Caturan-Hinds Added +G commands (section 6). Added Motorola
satellite product proprietary commands (section 9)
and Phase 2 +C commands.
1.4 21-Feb-02 Terry Michl Edited document to align with software releases
INC0620, RAC0620, LAC109G, and planned
future releases.


Source: Ashley, Michael C. B. - School of Physics, University of New South Wales


Collections: Physics