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Estimating photochemically produced ozone throughout a domain using flight data and a

Summary: Estimating photochemically produced ozone
throughout a domain using flight data and a
Lagrangian model
J. Methven,1
S. R. Arnold,2
F. M. O'Connor,3
H. Barjat,4
K. Dewey,4
J. Kent,4
and N. Brough5
Received 17 September 2002; revised 12 November 2002; accepted 19 December 2002; published 7 May 2003.
[1] Can airborne observations from infrequent flights be used to infer the budget of ozone
in the upper troposphere with any degree of certainty or representativeness? Fluctuations
in ozone mixing ratio observed along flights are dominated by flying between air masses
with distinct origins, rather than the recent chemical transformation that has occurred
within those air masses. Reverse domain filling trajectories arriving on a high-resolution
three-dimensional grid (RDF3D) can simulate air mass structure accurately by coloring
arrival grid points with specific humidity (q) from the origin of each trajectory. Typical
displacement errors in tracer filaments are only about 30 km, but the associated phase
errors greatly reduce the correlations between airborne observations of long-lived


Source: Arnold, Steve - School of Earth and Environment, University of Leeds
Hoskins, Brian - Department of Meteorology, University of Reading


Collections: Environmental Sciences and Ecology; Geosciences