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4.3 Research Activities and Seminars in the Department 4.3.1 Algebra

Summary: 4.3 Research Activities and Seminars in the Department
4.3.1 Algebra The Algebra Group
The research group in algebra includes the faculty members L.H. Rowen,
S. Feigelstock and U. Vishne (ring theory), M. Schaps and E. Plotkin (group theory),
B. Kunyavskii and G. Soifer (algebraic groups), S. Margolis (semigroups), J. Beck
(quantum groups and representation theory), S. Shnider (Lie algebras and quantum
groups) A. Reznikov and M. Schein (number theory) The Algebra Seminar
The algebra seminar has run for many years, meeting weekly. For a period of time
twenty years ago it was joint with Ben-Gurion University, and some meetings were
held in Beer-Sheva, but in recent years it has been a Bar-Ilan seminar. A list of
speakers, with titles and abstract from 2004 onwards, can be found at
In addition to the general algebra seminar, there are a number of other seminars
organized or attended by members of the algebra group: there are specialized
seminars on Representation Theory, on Combinatorial Group Theory, on
Combinatorics, on Algebraic Geometry and on Arithmetic, Geometry and Topology
(joint with people from geometry and topology). These will be discussed separately.
In recent years we also had numerous informal seminars (on division algebras,


Source: Adin, Ron - Department of Mathematics, Bar Ilan University


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