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Algebraic Biology 2005 1 Symbolic Calculation in the Life Sciences --Some Trends and Prospects

Summary: Algebraic Biology 2005 1
Symbolic Calculation in the Life Sciences -- Some Trends and Prospects
Michael P. BARNETT
Meadow Lakes, Hightstown, NJ 08520
I discuss the literature and benefits of symbolic calculation in the life sciences; some ways to
develop the field; and a way to model sequential processes.
I went to college in 1945, grew up professionally in an age of scientific optimism, and see
symbolic calculation in biology as part of the scientific infrastructure that supports the development
of products and services to increase and extend the quality of life. The use of symbolic calculation in
teaching, research and the practice of the life sciences will have a profound impact on
1. the inter-related issues of public health and environmental protection,
2. the clinical practice of prophylaxis, diagnosis and therapy throughout "people­care" and the
protection and treatment of animal and plant life,
3. agricultural, industrial and commercial operations that involve biological materials and generate
products which impact biological systems.
Successive sections of this paper discuss
1. the present literature of symbolic calculation in the life sciences,


Source: Allen, L.C.- Department of Chemistry, Princeton University


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