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Solvatochromic Shifts of "Super" Photoacids Kyril M. Solntsev and Dan Huppert

Summary: Solvatochromic Shifts of "Super" Photoacids
Kyril M. Solntsev and Dan Huppert
School of Chemistry, Raymond and BeVerly Sackler
Faculty of Exact Sciences
Tel-AViV UniVersity, Tel AViV 69978, Israel
Laren M. Tolbert
School of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Georgia Institute of Technology
Atlanta, Georgia 30332-0400
Noam Agmon*
The Fritz Haber Research Center
Department of Physical Chemistry
The Hebrew UniVersity, Jerusalem 91904, Israel
ReceiVed March 16, 1998
Hydroxyarenes (ROH molecules) undergo significant enhance-
ment in their acidity upon electronic excitation.1,2 For example,
the acidity of 2-naphthol (2N) in water increases from pKa ) 9.5
in the ground state (S0) to pKa* ) 2.8 in its first excited singlet
state (S1).1
It is sufficiently acidic to transfer a proton to water


Source: Agmon, Noam - Institute of Chemistry, Hebrew University of Jerusalem


Collections: Chemistry