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External Cavity Diode Laser System for Cesium D1 (894 nm) A. Andalkar,

Summary: External Cavity Diode Laser System for Cesium D1 (894 nm)
A. Andalkar,
S. K. Lamoreaux,
and R. B. Warrington
Department of Physics, Box 351560, University of Washington, Seattle, WA 98195-1560
(Submitted February 22, 1999)
We have developed an external cavity diode laser for use on the cesium D1 transition at 894 nm.
Our system produces over 20 mW of single-mode power with a linewidth less than 3 MHz and
a continuous tuning range of up to 25 GHz. Our mechanical design allows simple alignment and
optimization of the cavity with very good passive stability, and could easily be used with diodes at
other wavelengths. Our laser system has been in operation with minimal downtime for nearly three
years. We detail the mechanical design and construction, and review the performance of the current
Semiconductor diode lasers have become a mainstay of
atomic physics research, with routine use in a wide va-
riety of experiments.1,2
External-cavity diode laser sys-
tems with diffraction-grating feedback were first devel-
oped over two decades ago,3,4


Source: Andalkar, Amar - Department of Physics, University of Washington at Seattle


Collections: Physics