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Appears in ISPASS-2001. MASE: A Novel Infrastructure for Detailed Microarchitectural Modeling

Summary: Appears in ISPASS-2001.
MASE: A Novel Infrastructure for Detailed Microarchitectural Modeling
MASE (Micro Architectural Simulation Environment) is a
novel infrastructure that provides a flexible and capable
environment to model modern microarchitectures. Many
popular simulators, such as SimpleScalar, are predomi-
nately trace-based where the performance simulator is
driven by a trace of instructions read from a file or gener-
ated on-the-fly by a functional simulator. Trace-driven
simulators are well-suited for oracle studies and provide
a clean division between performance modeling and func-
tional emulation. A major problem with this approach,
however, is that it does not accurately model timing
dependent computations, an increasing trend in microar-
chitecture designs such as those found in multiprocessor
systems. MASE implements a micro-functional perfor-
mance model that combines timing and functional compo-
nents into a single core. In addition, MASE incorporates a


Source: Austin, Todd M. - Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, University of Michigan
Larson, Eric - Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering, Seattle University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences; Engineering