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nature methods | VOL.8 NO.8 | AUGUST 2011 | 623 technology feature

Summary: nature methods | VOL.8 NO.8 | AUGUST 2011 | 623
technology feature
finding focus 623
screening sequences in silico 624
In chance we trust 626
Box 1: easy screening 625
gies (Table 1), which link protein to gene
by putting proteins on the outer surface of
viral particles or cells, or by physically link-
ing mRNA to protein in cell-free systems. In
a process called directed evolution, protein
best of the lot are collected and modified in
hopes of further improvements, generating
another library for another screen. Deciding
how to find the best versions depends on the
particular application and personal prefer-
ence, but options include screening large
random libraries, screening focused librar-
ies as well as using rational design and com-


Source: Arnold, Frances H. - Division of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, California Institute of Technology


Collections: Chemistry; Biology and Medicine