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O B I T U A R Y Louis K. Diamond

Summary: O B I T U A R Y
Louis K. Diamond
r Louis K. Diamond, often called the found-
ing father of pediatric hematology, a pioneer
in the field of blood grouping and transfusion
therapy and a consummate pediatrician,
died in Los Angeles on June 14, 1999, in his 98th year.
Following graduation from the Harvard Medical
School in 1927, he completed a pediatric internship and
residency at the Children's Hospital in Boston. In 1932,
he and his mentor, Kenneth Blackfan, MD, recognized
that several diseases of the newborn, fetal hydrops, se-
vere neonatal jaundice and anemia, were all manifesta-
tions of a single syndrome, which they termed erythro-
blastosis fetalis. It was not until 1941 that the causal
relationship between Rh incompatibility and erythroblas-
tosis was reported.
Following this discovery, Diamond's pediatric hema-
tology laboratory, one of the first in the world, and set up


Source: Alper, Chester A. - Immune Disease Institute, Harvard University


Collections: Biology and Medicine